Respect The Teachers!

The appreciation of anything is the appreciation of its creator. If a person praises a poem for how beautiful it is, or praises a picture for how beautiful it is, or praises a building for how great it is, then it is a praise for the poet, the painter, and the architect. Some said, made, or built them. In such a world, the praise of everything is the praise of its creator. While praising Allah, the King of Glory, it is also said that all praises are for Allah. This also means that everything in the world has been created by Allah Almighty. Everything we see in the universe is Allah’s creation. High and lofty mountains, expanded deserts, flowing rivers, roaring seas, noisy rivers, dense forests, swaying fields, shining sun, twinkling moon, twinkling stars, everything is created by Allah. Therefore, whenever something is praised, it is the praise of Allah, the Creator.
After this introduction, we come to the main point that when we look at a person in a high place, praise his high status or his character, then we do not think of the teacher who brought him to that place. However, whenever a person reaches a high position, he is followed by his teachers who enable him to reach that position by educating and training him. Parents take care of a person’s basic needs, arrange food, clothing, shelter, etc., but teachers teach a person to live in society, improve his morals and character, due to which he has a place in society.
In our society, the teacher is not being given the place which he deserves. That is why society does not like to be a teacher. Teachers are considered employees. Parents and educational institutions treat teachers like employees, which is why even in the hearts of students, teachers do not have greatness and they also consider them as employees, because of which the fear of teachers does not remain and his words and advice are rendered ineffective.
Recently been treated with teachers during the coronavirus, it is in front of us. Many private educational institutions fired teachers under the pretext of lockdown. And it was a difficult time when there was no hope of finding another job. As a result, the teachers became unemployed and in many places, there were reports of teachers being forced to install small carts. It is a shame for the whole nation that in our society, personalities associated with the education sector were treated in this way, but we did nothing against it. Private institutions themselves continued to charge fees to students. There was also trouble in complying with the government’s order to waive 20% of fees, but not to pay teachers. The same thing happens every year during the two-and-a-half-month vacation that most educational institutions do not pay teachers despite receiving full fees from students.
I’m not talking about all educational institutions, because many educational institutions take great care of teachers and always pay them full salaries. There are educational institutions that care so much about teachers, but many educational institutions are very abusive towards teachers.
It is only by respecting the teacher that society truly develops. Because teachers will be respected and paid for their work, they will work hard and focus on educating students. But if teachers are not adequately compensated, teachers will look for other jobs to cover their expenses, which will affect their academic activities. Therefore, the public should take care of the teachers themselves and their dignity as well as their expenses and needs. Similarly, the government has a responsibility to enact legislation to provide full protection to the teachers of private institutions so that no one can exploit them and the educational process in the country can continue smoothly.