Are we still humans?

We all are crushed in racism and much more cruelties. Everyone has created his/her own belief which is not according to what religion actually says. We all raise slogan “Black lives matter” but what we actually do is to find a fair-colored to marry. We easily taunt others of vulgar dressing but deep down we love modernism.
And in present age, there is a devastating change in the entire world due to coronavirus, everyone is fearful of not having daily needs. Everyone shows that we care about poor people but on same side we’re all busy in hoarding. No one is cooperating with the government; even busy in blaming government of whatever happening now-a-days. Truly it is recited in Quran whose meaning is “a nation always gets a ruler like itself”. When first case of corona was discovered in Pakistan, everyone started contradicting as” corona worona kuch ni”, really? Is this how we are going to solve this problem? Are we united? Every other person is raising voices like their opinion is the only truthful view or perspective. Government is trying to make serious steps regarding this pandemic but we all are in a state of constant denial about everything whether it is corona or any other thing. There is no self-sensitivity and mass- sensitivity but criticism.
We all are prisoners of a cage who always wishes to escape out of that prison. We wish to go beyond the limits to look unique whether it is unlawful, the same we do in religious aspects. We have crossed the boundaries which Allah has chosen for us. We have completely diminished the difference between right and wrong. That is why we are facing this situation of corona. And I must say it all but a torment from Allah. We as Muslims have slipped out of our true path (siraat e mustaqeem) which connects us to Allah. Due to our negligence, we are facing disasters like this pandemic all over the world, sand storm in Karachi, attack of locusts and the abnormal changes in whether. As Muslims we have forgotten our purpose of existence in this world. The nations like (Loot, Samood, Aad) were tested before us because they disobeyed Allah. And we are doing exactly like they did. Now we should move on to the right path by relating our current situation to those nations.