Nexus Of Humanity And Politics

Blaming the politico-economic system for taking resources, leaving the destitute alone and starving. Money is the root of our evils. Everyone needs luxurious life style but no one thinks about the impoverished. Why are we becoming so materialistic? Is it lack of belief? If we truly develop empathy towards people around, then not only their condition would get better, the nation will prosper as well.
The welfare programs like, “Koi Bhuka Na Soye”, Shelter homes, are such a great initiative by PTI government. These programs must be encouraged and initiated to facilitate the indigents. We all should be thankful to God that we are blessed with everything, food to eat, clothes to wear, house to live in. It’s our responsibility to assist the impoverished people in society. We should respect every human despite of socio-economic factors. If we just initiate respecting humans and take their feelings into consideration and develop sense of humanity, then no one can halt our prosperity.
Even the Ehsaas program that is for the welfare of people was criticized by some political parties and people. We can hold an opinion; we can express criticism but it should be relevant at least. Here in Pakistan, political parties claim of providing help to poor, yet many are seen working for their own benefit. Had we utilized our resources on the needy, instead of political chest thumping and shenanigans, we could’ve made a difference.
Why can’t political parties compete on standards like these? Start providing, work for the public, and your rivals would have an urge to surpass you in terms of good governance. Parties can only have their position in the hearts of people by performing, as mere words don’t suffice.
Have we ever seen a difference on contentment? The poor are satisfied with whatever they get, even if there is very little on the table. The reason of your satisfaction and gaiety depends upon you. We should feel blessed and be thankful to ALLAH if all our necessities are met and stop chasing more and more in life. The desire of getting more won’t benefit you in every sphere of life. Whatever the artefact is, just take the portion that you need and leave the rest for others.
Always believe in ALLAH, as whatever is written for you will find you. Remember the weak faith breeds corruption. Be content with what you have, don’t snatch and beware of karma. Make your life easier and so as for others as well. Mostly people like to have domestic workers, and they rarely or simply don’t care about underage house helpers. People don’t think about providing them education or promoting any technical education so that they can flourish on their own instead of doing domestic chores.
Why we have forgotten about our own moral values and culture? We always admire the Western culture, why don’t we promote our own moral values and cultural practices instead? If we can’t respect ourselves, then how can we expect others to respect us?
The concept of humanity is diminishing from our society as we don’t care about what happens with anyone, how they will feel. We should have to eradicate the selfishness and instil some empathy among us.
The concept of simplicity should be promoted among us, the tranquillity you will find in the simplicity can’t be experienced in other ways. We are the nation where we need people to hold our bags. If we go out, we require two people with us in name of protocol, so that people can respect us. True respect is gained as the way you are, who you are or in whatever state you are. Also we don’t even like to do our own work, we hire people for that. Just look at the developed nations, most of their people do their work by themselves and that is why they are more active and ahead of us.