Empowering Women

Domestic violence, visual harassment, physical harassment, honour killings, fragile judicial system, lawlessness and many others are the incumbent problems of our country. Such problems are rampant in a country where judicial system and lawlessness remains sluggish and indolent.
Pakistan has now become an unsafe country for women and children where they don’t enjoy their inborn equal human rights and are not protected by the state. In a male preponderant society, many concupiscent and ill-natured men harass and intimidate women to give them their desired outcomes at work places. Our conservative society holds the victims responsible for their actions, start raising objections to their promiscuous clothes and some in this way measure a woman’s worth by her dress instead of punishing the culprits. Even when a girl can be harassed and striped off at a public park, what else remains to be seen.
“If you want to destroy a nation without weapons and war, make the nudity and adultery common among young generation that nation will automatically fall itself without any war.” Salahudin Ayubi said that before centuries.
The cases of domestic violence against women are increasing day by day. According to numbers by Women Protection Cell, the institution has received 10,000 complaints by women over harassment and violence in Sindh since the start of 2021. Meanwhile, in Punjab the Women Helpline has received 4,649 complaints in the first half of the current year. These cases are only the tip of the iceberg while the actual numbers of such cases are much higher than being mentioned in the newspapers and TV channels. Such orthodox views remain active in a society where the literacy rate of a country remains extremely low especially in case of girls. Our country is like a train and men and women are the engine of it, when half of the engine (girls’ population) is unable to support the country, the country is bound to stumble and fall.
We must allow our daughters and sisters to obtain good education as it is their fundamental as well as congenital right. If we really want to empower our women then the government must induct more and more female educated teachers in educational institutions. Women should also be encouraged to join politics and their seats should be increased and preserved in National assembly, Punjab assembly and other such platforms so that they can represent their female fraternity in a better way.
Violence against women and harassment can be diminished if we strictly maintain our system of rule of law and by giving perpetrators stern public punishment once so that other people can learn from it.
Every year, on eleventh September, we use to observe the death anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah with due solemnity. On this day, every individual must always ask one question to himself/herself. For this kind of Pakistan and change, he worked day and night, lost his health and life? Absolutely not. Our forefathers offered sacrifices to give the posterity a new, safe and better homeland where they could safeguard their daughters, sisters, mothers and other women along with their supposed innate rights to education, to work independently, to support their families and of course free will to do anything according to their inclination within the described limits by every country. And now, the posterity is and has collectively destroyed its whole country.
Are we really doing virtually good with our beloved homeland? Absolutely not. Mr.Jinnah with his diligence, assiduity and vision got this piece of land from Indian ploys and If he were alive today, he would have extremely perplexed, disappointed and stunned to see Pakistan’s economy plight and above-mentioned problems. It has had always remained our present and past governments’ ineptitude that we could never take good care of our homeland and has made it a living hell for poor people where they commit suicides and die from hunger.
There is no denying the fact that our politicians’ lust for power, greed for money and desire for media coverage are the reasons for this sorry state of affairs and whoever joins politics not with the aim of helping and serving people but for raking in and making assets by unfair means. According to me, our country’s half of the problems can be terminated if we truly and strictly maintain rule of law, improve our judicial system and follow the three golden principles given by our beloved Quaid-e-Azam which are Unity, Faith and discipline. Only through them, we can regain the lost esteemed reputation of our country someday.