Home Garden: The Secret To Good Health!

The home garden is also called a kitchen garden. This is the process of growing vegetables on a home scale. For centuries man has been growing vegetables in his home so that he can arrange his food. Vegetables are an important part of the human diet and the secret to good health. They can be grown in small plots or pots, cans, plastic bottles, and wooden crates.
There are several health benefits to using a home garden.
Nutritional And Medical Benefits
Fortunately, four seasons are found in most parts of Pakistan and different types of production are possible in these seasons. That is, one or another vegetable can be obtained throughout the year. Vegetables are called “protective foods” because of their nutritional and medical benefits. This is because they are rich in all the essential nutrients such as starch, proteins, vitamins, and salts for maintaining health and optimal growth of the body. The benefits of vegetables are also evident in the prevention and treatment of diseases.
Vegetables help in the excretion of waste products from the body, cleanse the cholesterol layers in the intestines, and are an elixir for brain development. Their balanced use builds immunity in the body against various diseases and eliminates gastric acidity. As such, they are an integral part of the human diet.
To Improve The Overall Health
Gardening is a great hobby that affects a person’s physical, spiritual, and mental health. This is an excellent physical exercise that helps you lose weight and improve your health. Being overweight in itself is a precursor to many diseases. Many home-grown vegetables meet many human nutritional needs. According to the World Health Organization, more than 50% of pregnant women in developing countries suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency, while the iron is found in abundance in vegetables. The home garden is the best solution to the problem of malnutrition.
Also, colorful vegetable plants enhance the decoration of the house, the beauty of the environment, and peace of mind. Colorful butterflies and birds flying over the plants throughout the day fill the atmosphere with their enchanting sounds.
Plants, Ongoing Charity
The Prophet (PBUH) strongly emphasized the planting of trees and forbade them to be cut down without any reason. Plants are necessary not only for our world but also for the hereafter. It is narrated on the authority of Anas ibn Malik(RA) that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “If a Muslim plants a tree and its fruit is eaten by men and animals, the reward for planting it is charity” (Bukhari).
A Source Of Improvement In The Environment And Weather
Nature has created many plants that can bring various agricultural and environmental benefits and according to modern research they can be easily grown in the home garden. For example, mint, which is unique for getting rid of many types of insects. While there are many benefits to eating mint, its aroma is useful in repelling flies and mosquitoes. The mosquito will run away from the room where the Podina plant pot is kept and the person can avoid diseases like malaria and dengue. Besides, plants release oxygen into the air and play an important role in cleaning our homes from air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide.
Rising temperatures due to lack of trees have led to droughts on the one hand and heavy rains, floods, and storms on the other. For the last several years in Pakistan, crops have been ruined due to excessive and untimely rains. Experts believe that if people grow different types of fruits and vegetables and keep chickens in their homes on high ground, at least they will not suffer from malnutrition. The present government has made various efforts to overcome the shortage of trees, including the ‘Plant Ten Billion Trees’ campaign.
A Way To Save And Increase Income
It is possible to save from the home garden. The bulk of our household income comes from buying kitchenware. This money will be saved when the daily vegetables are available at home. And you can save money by using vegetables in various home remedies.
The business of surplus plants and vegetables is also a source of income. These plants can be supplied to various nurseries and foundations, while fresh, chemical-free, and organic home-grown organic vegetables are now extinct and very expensive in large cities. The business of these vegetables is profitable. In the same way, we know that since ancient times, vegetables have been used in home remedies to enhance beauty. By making various beauty