Modern Era And Savage Reign

There is no doubt that this world is a disgrace to the oppressed and the poor. What isseldom acknowledged here is the plight of the oppressed. The world, especially theWestern countries, has gone blind, especially about the persecution of Muslims.
The rules for international order are utter hypocrisy. In today’s world, these laws are being
used against the oppressed and even against the Muslims. Militarily powerful countries
oppress and terrorize the weak under the guise of fighting “terrorism”, while the rich
exploit the poor in the name of development. Indeed, there will always be a difference
between power and wealth, but when a small minority takes over wealth and resources
and the majority lives in extreme poverty, it causes hatred and resentment among the
poor. The violence that is sometimes fruitful is less than the violence of the rich and
powerful in pursuit of their interests.
The hatred and violence in the world today is due to the hypocritical world order and
policies created by the victors of World War II, which included mainly the United States,
Britain, and France, but also the former Soviet Union, which has now turned into Russia.
These countries created institutions like the United Nations, the World Bank, and the
IMF to protect their interests. In this ranking system, these countries have almost
complete control over the options. But if they still cannot achieve their goals through these
institutions, then they ignore these institutions where and to what extent they feel the need
to pursue their interests. As evidence, we have the American policies of the last fifty years.
Even if the United Nations dares to oppose a US demand, the United States ignores it
and does as it pleases, as in the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq. About one million people,
mostly civilians, have been killed in Iraq since the attack. As many as 1.5 million Iraqis
died as a result of sanctions imposed by the United States and the United Nations in the
The United States used uranium in its weapons during the war in Iraq, which has
permanently polluted the Iraqi climate and gene pool. It has led to a sharp rise in cancer
and other deadly diseases. In addition, the torture chambers at Abu Ghraib and
Guantanamo Bay are a testament to America’s true nature. Not only are these powers
exempt from global opposition and dislike, but their puppets and allies, India and the
Zionist state of Israel, also consider themselves above international law. Israel and India
have repeatedly violated UN Security Council resolutions. If any other state, especially
the Muslim countries, had committed such violations, it would have had serious military
and political consequences for them. But these two countries are children despite the
massacres in Palestine and Kashmir.
The United States has been involved in criminal activities against other countries for
decades. The United States has assassinated leaders in many countries and overthrown
governments, always leading to CIA-led uprisings that have resulted in the massacre of
innocent civilians. In Indonesia, between five and one million civilians have been killed
since General Suharto ousted President Ahmed Sukarno in 1966. Two million or more
people died in Vietnam when the United States allegedly intervened militarily to defeat
communism. Similarly, 2 million people were killed in Cambodia.
The Soviet Union was no less. Their invasion and the 10-year war in Afghanistan killed
1.5 million Afghans and gave birth to half a million refugees. Afghanistan’s infrastructure
was destroyed and the United States and its allies then massacred and displaced millions
of Afghans during the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.
Israel is an illegitimate child of America, it has such a bloody record. Israel was created
by the United Nations through an unjust act. Similarly, Palestinians had no right to gift
land to European settlers. Since its inception, Israel has killed tens of thousands of
Palestinians, destroyed hundreds of villages, and is now pursuing a policy of forcing
millions to starve in Gaza and the West Bank.
An estimated 10,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails. These prisons are
notorious for Israeli atrocities. In July 2006, Israel invaded Lebanon to eliminate
Hezbollah. In the 34 days of fighting, 1300 Lebanese civilians were killed, many villages
were destroyed. The 77 billion Lebanese infrastructure was destroyed and the United
Nations was limited to condemnation. The United States deliberately obstructed the
ceasefire in order to give the Zionists time to destroy Hezbollah.
On the other hand, India has been heating up the market of oppression in occupied
Kashmir for decades. Despite UN resolutions, Kashmiris are not being given the right to
self-determination. Millions of Kashmiris have lost their lives for freedom from the Indian
occupation. For the last several years, India has been perpetrating genocide of Kashmiris
and illegally settling Hindus in occupied Kashmir in order to convert the Muslim majority
into a minority, but the majority of the world has remained a silent spectator to this
The reality of the world today is that those who claim to represent civilization are ruthless
beasts for their own interests and are involved in the ruthless killing of innocents, while
those who deny such barbarism are called terrorists. The real terrorists and savages are
those who are roaming the world as respectable politicians after massacring innocents,
while from the bottom of their hearts they will surely know that the truth cannot always be