You Have Everything You Need To Succeed Millionaire’s Perspective

I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich.” — Jordan Belfort from the film Wolf of Wall Street
MOST PEOPLE THINK THAT BECOMING RICH & SUCCESSFUL IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM—this sentiment prevents them from investing in their personal development through books, courses and conferences.
Numerous studies by academics from Harvard have discovered that a human being has everything in order to succeed. The same foundational truth is known to the experts of success such as Napoleon Hill author of the Think and Grow Rich bestseller and Daniel Ally author of the book The Abundance Mentality.
I have researched the richest men of all time and have interviewed many millionaires. In my research, I discovered that a fundamental principle amongst the ultra rich which is responsible for their massive financial success is the belief that all humans have everything they need in order to succeed.
What do we have that is all what we need to succeed?
1. Time: all of us have 24 hrs in a single day and night. And research shows that most of us fail to utilize every hour as best as we could. In fact, accurate analysis conducted by authors engaged in the research on achievement have discovered that most people who fail in life do so because they did not properly invest their hours, minutes and seconds into a high-value task.
2. Energy: all of us have energy some more others less but we all some energy available for use. According to Daniel Ally, Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill all three of whom are best-selling authors on personal development and financial success, the primary purpose of human energy is to use it for your highest values—dreams, desires and aspirations.
3. Money: all of us have money, some more, others less, but we all have some money available for use. When you properly plan your expenses, savings and investments you can potentially earn more money. Unfortunately, most people do not invest their money in their own personal growth and development. They prefer to waste their meager resources on entertainment instead of an education.
4. Connections: all of us have connections that we can turn to for help during tough times. It takes time to build valuable relationships, invest emotional, financial and psychological capital in other people to become connected. Rich people understand the value of a real relationship especially in an economic setting. Because millionaires invest in strategically significant relationships they are more likely to succeed at the highest level. When you fall down as a rich man, there are other rich men ready to help you get back up on your feet as soon as possible. This is why so few rich people become perpetually broke—others are ready to step in to help them.
In the final analysis, time, energy, money and connections are all the keys to long-term financial success that we need. Most people have these elements including the poor. It is important to properly leverage all these resources for effective economic advancement in your personal life.
When all these four fundamentals work together in synergy—exceptional economic success is the net result. Resolve to control these four forces to your advantage to your best ability.