No, PM Imran Khan Is Not Crushing The Poor

Furthermore the article carried references of various individuals including a man named Asadullah who committed suicide allegedly because of the pressures of poverty. And it quoted Khurram Hussain an economic analyst who said, “The package is a drop in the ocean and will do little to help the mass of ordinary people. The pressure on Imran Khan will continue to mount because we have seen further price hikes, such as of fuel and sugar, after the announcement of the package.”
As the International Banker pointed out in its well-researched article, the economic problems of Pakistan predated Imran Khan and the current crisis is mostly due to an imbalance of export-import ratio in the GDP as well as the large amount of money going to debt-servicing. How is it the fault of Imran Khan that Pakistan has had huge debts and low-exports prior to his premiership?
The current inflation crisis is due to a rise in aggregate demand and supply shock—both factors have nothing to do with the political leadership of Pakistan. The former is the rate of increased consumption by the people and the latter is because of the covid-19 pandemic affecting global supply systems.
The price-hikes are connected to the IMF loan package which demands that subsidies be removed for the allotted $1 billion out of the total $6 billion to be given. Furthermore, the IMF has demanded that the government impose taxes equivalent to 1% of the GDP, which one newspaper claims the government has rejected. If that is the case, then this shows had the Prime Minister agreed to the IMF condition the pain felt by Pakistanis would have been significantly worse than what they are feeling.
Years of accumulating debt, mismanaged economic assets, political corruption, low-exports/high-imports and weak-productivity alongside other financially dubious activities have resulted in the difficult problem Pakistan finds itself in today. This entire chain of causation has nothing to do with Imran Khan—his only sin is that in election season he claimed he would solve the economic problems of the country, a sin almost every politician is guilty of at some point.
According to financial advisors, who deal with small businesses and individuals, the most important principle for financial freedom is to lower the rate of consumption and increase the rate of savings for a solid safety net in times of hardship. This is exactly the principle that Pakistanis have violated.
Furthermore, the Quran makes the clear claim that if the laws of God are followed then financial prosperity is the eventual result and that when people become corrupt and oppressive; God places oppressive and corrupt rulers on them. These verses are found in Al Maida verse 66 and Al An’am verse 129 which I have quoted below according to the meaning of the Quran in the English Translation.
”And if only they upheld [the law of] the Torah, the Gospel, and what has been revealed to them from their Lord, they would have consumed [provision] from above them and from beneath their feet. Among them are a moderate community, but many of them – evil is that which they do.” Al Maida verse 66
”In the like manner do We let some of the unjust have power one over another because of their (wrongful) deeds.” Al An’am verse 129