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There are additional established roles to consider, including IT director, vice president, and head of IT. As technology has become essential in the business world, new positions continue to arise. A CTO, may additionally interact with a newer position, a Chief Security Officer , or more accurately referred to as Chief Information Security Officer. The role of a CSO in comparison to a CTO would be to protect the network from being penetrated which could lead to privacy and legal issues for the company. All executive positions relating to technology must collaborate within companies to have the best working infrastructure and will report to the CEO. Most companies hiring a CTO want candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree and tons of IT management experience.

  • Again this role will often report directly to the CIO, which frees the CIO up to be more of a business strategist.
  • This means attending conferences to not only learn more about important technology news, but also to represent the company’s technology initiatives within a certain market.
  • Cybersecurity threats and data breaches were the main worries for most CTOs.
  • CTOs must also develop strategies and plans to enable the project to provide higher ROIs than anticipated.
  • Fluency in finance, business modeling, and project management is crucial to the success of CTOs.
  • In the past, angioplasty and stenting was not very successful at treating CTO, and doctors would use bypass surgery to restore blood flow to the heart.

Regardless of the size, type, or maturity of the organisation, the CTO should be the most senior technology role in the business. They should hold a senior executive role, and report directly to the CEO. Usually, in companies where technology is a core part of the customer proposition e.g. technology-led companies, software companies, eCommerce, the CTO is usually the more senior role. They provide leadership to groups that include enterprise architects, innovation managers, expert technology specialists, shared IT services. This persona is focused on leveraging innovative technologies to transform the business model, products, and services. In 2019, Gartner developed several CTO personas based on analysis from a large CTO study, as well as CTO profiles and job descriptions.

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Depending on company structure and hierarchy, there may also be positions such as R&D manager, director of R&D and vice president of engineering whom the CTO interacts with or oversees. CTOs generally have at least 15 years of IT job experience under their belts. Along with technical expertise, they must demonstrate leadership, decision-making, management, and business strategy skills. My second goal, which is to kind of achieve the first one, is to have a security-first approach, which we already have.

Blood then bypasses the blockage and flows through the newly attached blood vessel. In recent years, angioplasty equipment and techniques have improved greatly, and it is becoming an option https://globalcloudteam.com/ for many people with CTO. In fact, the UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute is the only center in western Pennsylvania that offers a program dedicated to angioplasty treatment for CTO.

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A controller is an individual who has responsibility for all accounting-related activities within a company including managerial accounting and finance. However, they may report directly to a company’s CEO, especially if there is no CIO position. But the responsibilities and role of the CTO also depend on the company. There are typically four different kinds of CTOs, whose main duties may differ.

What is a CTO

They develop policies and procedures and use technology to enhance products and services that focus on external customers. The CTO also develops strategies to increase revenue and performs a cost-benefit analysis and return-on-investment analysis. CIO and CTO are both executive-level roles in organizations, however, they operate in different functions, with other daily responsibilities and goals. A chief technology officer is the executive in charge of an organization’s technological needs as well as its research and development (R&D).


Technical domain knowledge – In the tech realm, previous experience and strong knowledge of the industry is vital. Sometimes a CTO can learn along the way, in tech, it’s a little more complicated. A CTO that is constantly staying on top of the latest trends is a good bet. With the emerging trend of the Chief Product Owner who is responsible for developing a company’s products, their partnership with the Chief Technology Officer has never been more important. CIOs, on the other hand, are more focused on the needs of internal business users.

What is a CTO

Partnering with the Chief Product Owner to deliver amazing products. So as well as being an expert technologist, they are the external face of the technology offering. The average CTO compensation, according to PayScale, is $164,349 per year.

Almost every CTO will need to manage a large portfolio of projects and balance a range of stakeholders. At the same time, they will need to build an inspiring technology roadmap. A lot of technology leadership is about strong communication and influencing. The CTO needs to communicate technical goals to non-technical employees and make them enthusiastic about the possibilities it offers. The inborn talent of the CTO is their in-depth understanding of infrastructure and emerging technologies.

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An online bachelor’s degree in business or IT is a great starting point. In Cybersecurity and Information Assurance to prepare for the business responsibilities that come with the role. Most CTOs have a master’s degree, so if you want to prepare for this position, it’s best to obtain as much education as possible.

What is a CTO

However, the typical CTO compensation is between $90,000 and $248,000. As a result, managing the infrastructure became more challenging. Finding flaws or compromises becomes increasingly difficult as the system becomes more complicated. Most businesses worldwide were spared remote work when the pandemic struck. People continued to work from home despite being unable to leave their homes.

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However, because there is no obvious route, there is also a lot of uncertainty over how to get there. So that you have a general concept of how to get there, let’s look at a rough strategy that fits into the career path to CTO. Thus, in addition to being skilled technologists, they also serve as the public face of the technology. C-Suite is a widely-used informal term used to refer collectively to a corporation’s most important senior executives—as in CEO, CFO, and COO. CTOs start out with bachelor’s degrees in a computer-science-related field. They often earn master’s degrees as well, again in computer sciences or mathematics fields—though more general MBAs are common as well.

Critical thinking A CTO should be engaged in thought leadership where possible. A CTO who has a specialized understanding of technology trends and target markets and harnesses this knowledge to inform the development of corporate strategy is set up for success. A chief technology officer with a sense of business prowess is always an advantage in helping to meet the needs of end-users.

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They will need to take charge and lead research and development, innovation labs, and their team of product engineers. A lot of innovation will come through strategic partnerships with start-ups, vendors and technology companies. Having an ecosystem of partnerships is a great way to de-risk and accelerate innovation. The role of the Chief Technology Officer is complicated, and every CTO will have their own unique strengths to bring to the table. But one thing is for sure, they need to have their finger on the “technological pulse,” and remain aware of new trends and technologies that could disrupt their business.

The “collaterals” form a natural bypass of the blockage by connecting the area of the heart that gets enough blood flow to the end of the vessel that is chronically occluded. Previously, treatments options for CTO either entailed medication or coronary artery bypass graft . Performing a CABG procedure requires surgery in which a vein or artery is removed from one area of the body and replaced near the CTO to create a new path for blood to flow. This method can be very effective in some patients, but recent innovations in treatments offer less invasive solutions for CTO patients. Is the CTO focusing their time to produce software or platforms? In some companies, the technical aspect is a large part of the role.

Chronic coronary total occlusion treatment aims to restore blood flow through the blocked or occluded artery to the heart. The dilemma is that the CTO is a position that falls somewhere between technical execution, operational management, and executive representation. A report by global cloud services company Access Alto has revealed the four different types of Chief Technology Officer.

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This makes the seed stage the optimal time to hire a CTO because businesses can build their idea, product, and concept at this stage. CTOs are frequently in charge of all technical matters in the seed stage. For instance, DevOps, frontend, backend, and whatever else necessary to launch the product. A higher-level cto roles and responsibilities position in a sector with leadership potential should be obtained. Ascend the corporate ladder until you reach the position of a senior executive. To understand how the actual tech industry functions, begin your career in a technical position such as software developer, programmer, systems analyst, etc.

CTOs must have a solid foundation of high-level technical, financial, organizational, and leadership experience. A chief technology officer is a top executive that oversees the entire information technology department and is responsible for integrating business needs and requirements into IT planning and operations. It’s important to distinguish their role from that of chief information officers , whose job description focuses on the technologies that run a business internally by managing its infrastructure.

A chief technology officer is a senior executive in charge of the whole IT department and incorporating business requirements and demands into IT strategy and operations. While the positions above may only need a few years of experience, professionals must have five to 10 years of experience before applying for a managing or directorial position. IT managers who wish to become CTOs must spend five to seven years polishing their leadership and business skills after moving into project management. Although there is overlap between the two positions, since both deal with IT, CTOs generally look outward, using technology to improve the company’s customer experience—the use of the goods and services. CIOs generally look inward, developing and using technology to improve the company’s procedures and operations. This kind of CTO will help set up the corporate strategy and fuel technological infrastructure, will analyze target markets, and create business models.

At their core, they must develop a technology vision and strategy that will allow the company to thrive and build a solid competitive advantage. You must carefully examine the skills of your present team to see whether the correct people are on it. You’ll be on the right track to hiring a visionary leader who can steer the technical part of your organization if you look for someone that your current team respects. Keep up with the most recent technological developments and how your company has incorporated them into the workplace.