Push The Reset Button…

During the last extremely dramatic week in Pakistan, one thing has become abundantly clear that Pakistanis are flirting dangerously with civil war – perhaps for the first time in the history. There have been few other ebbs in our history as well but the magnitude of this drama leaves them far behind.
Last week, when Imran Khan was arrested on the premises of the IHC, no one knew that things would start falling apart at an alarmingly high speed. The way Imran Khan was arrested, triggered violent response from his supporters. His followers couldn’t bear the sight of his humiliating arrest in front of the whole world.
Just after his arrest, violence started to erupt all across Pakistan, with the PTI supporters coming face to face with police and military men. It was unimaginable that the common people would storm towards cantonments and take law into their own hands. Besides, the internet services were restricted as the government had pulled the plug on social media on May 9.
These four days were marked by extreme violence turning into casualties, vandalism, lawlessness and confusion. All of this kept the entire nation in a constant state of uncertainty and bleakness.
As much as one writes on the woes of Pakistan, it seems to become less with each passing moment. With a flagging economy and deeply polarised political landscape, public anger and frustration are driving them to exhaustion and bringing Pakistan closer to collapse. Pakistanis can’t afford any further misadventure. Their patience is fast running thin with every passing moment. Absorbing new shockwaves every single day is becoming a norm for them now. All they feel is alienated and disowned. Uncertainty and disappointment are surrounding them on all sides.
In these times of crisis, everyone who is vying for power should sit together with the opponent and come to a workable solution. If matters aren’t resolved sensibly in due time, things will spiral out of everyone’s control. All the stakeholders must leave their differences behind for the greater relief of the nation. If reflected and found wisely, there are also opportunities in the times of crisis. All the quarters concerned must not squander this opportunity. It will herald a new beginning if egos don’t clash.
Push the reset button before it’s too late.