Human Rights Post Magazine is taking high pain & initiatives in publishing on the spirits of human rights awareness and its cultural uses amongst common people, so that they can acquire their rights to understand by building off-course a better & a strong society on the bases of humanity / equality and must try to avoid & control extremism behavior or even it’s cultural growth for any further enhancements at all costs.

Therefore; To promote the human rights education and values in the masses, we do bear stationary expenditures of per copy Rs.@35/-, whilst providing it to its end user / subscriber Rs.@7/- per copy Only. Our annual subscription charges are just Rs.@300/- (2.72 US$) only with printed packed envelops and postal charges included all kinds of stationary used heavily (home delivery).

Monthly “Human Rights Post” magazines hard copies has been sent out to all related Libraries, NGO’s, CBO’s as well as Social, Educational circle and concerned Govt. functionaries too through out the country only on FREE of cost bases so that they can be aware to acknowledge the literature of human rights.

However; I would very humbly like to request you to kindly do send us all kind of your HR related materials based on the Topics of Education or even if it’s against extremism cultural values along with your programmed details to us here @ “HRP”, so; relatively to the people of Pakistan could acquire the activities regarding human rights programs and endeavoring of human rights organization at it last, which is doing pretty well since last 8 years to-date in a connection & for the betterment of Peace, Prosperity & the most important of all Dignity of human being & it’s Rights.

Ref. to it all said as mentioned above in detailed is also to draw your valued attention towards a point of our Publishing here at HRP to be achieved – which is for the purpose of trying to seek for yours valued “Comments / Expressions” etc are also humbly requested too in which we by having an prior appointment as per your convenience, we do mean to look forward keenly to meet you in person so that we can communicate better / effectively to deliver the exact message any further by arranging Exclusive Interviews with few of your designated / nominated High Official Personnel’s.

Yours Co-Operation in this regard in the terms of joining hands with “HRP” in meeting this struggle shall be highly appreciated & obliged too.