Providing Substantive Equality The Perspective Of The Transgender Community

By: Rabab Naqvi
It has rightly said that the soul has no gender. We, citizens of Pakistan are generally drifting around gender discrimination. But do we care about the surrounding people? By the word ‘People’ I mean the ‘Transgender’ who are trapped by the naysayers. We live in a country where people are free to live and are equal. We don’t have to decide what is ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ by society. Transgender in our country feel sheepish and hide themselves from the people. They want people to see the real, not the mask they wear to hide.
In this article, I have penned down all the feelings and emotions I have for the Transgender.
Types of Transgender
All Transgender are not same. They are divided into three types.
1. Intersex people who have multiple emplacements in sex characteristics like chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, or genitals that according to the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, these characteristics do not fit with the male or female bodies.
2. Transgender who are male by birth. However, go through the process of castration or orchiectomy.
3. Transgender or Khawaja Sira whose identity and expressions differ from casual norms or cultural society based on the sex being assigned at the time of birth.
Rights of Transgender:
We always talk about our rights. Rights of women, men, and children. Have we ever bothered about the rights of transgender? Here I mean about their emotional rights. The emotional feelings they have when treated inhumanely. They are neglected and are forced to be ashamed in society.
Being Respected
You can’t force someone to respect you. However, you can stop being disrespectful. Transgender have complete rights to halt you if you disrespect them. They are human too and have feelings and emotions.
Being Happy in their circle
What makes us happy? Around the people we admire, right? Then why not let transgender be happy in their circle? They have their own family and friends. We are no one to accuse them. Stop being an ACCUSER!
Being Unique
When you are unique you feel like being burdened. But the truth is that you have a beauty that others don’t have. Try to love the other genders no matter how different you feel about them.
Being Loved
Why do we make a difference between the genders? Isn’t love just love no matter what gender? Love has no labels and that’s what our religion teaches us.
Being Accepted
Accepting something that you don’t like is the biggest accomplishment. Transgender are the ones who want the acceptance of the society, their behavior, and their beliefs which bring them inner peace and tranquility.
Being Comfortable in their Nation
Aaye haye wo dekho hijra!
Yar isne makeup kitna kia hae!!!!
Inki bhi koi life nahi
Kin fazool kaam mein lag gaye ye
Transgender are being mocked by such statements. They have become the slaves of our filthy mouths and we think that hurting someone is as easy as throwing stones in the Sea. But do we have any idea how deep that stone can go?
Kenny Ethan Jones is a male model and activist. He has stated his emotions on different social media handles.
“Transphobia is something I witness every single day,” he told the BBC.
“I’m often intentionally misgendered and I’m always on the receiving end of comments like, ‘You’re not a real man,’ ‘You’re confused and you need God,’ ‘You don’t deserve to live.’
“I wonder if people understand the effect that these abusive comments have on my mental health.
“Some days I feel hurt and hopeless.”
Thousands of transgender feel the same. Let us all normalize them. They deserve to be happy, they deserve a life they are excited about. They are the charming gardeners who blossom their souls. Happy people of happy Nation.