Sober living

Teens and Peer Pressure

Content Ask Questions and Consider Consequences Did you know you can get expert answers for this article? Why Does Peer Pressure Influence Teens? What are some examples of peer pressure? Who experiences peer pressure? Peer Pressure & Sexual Activity If you’ve adopted values, beliefs, goals or hobbies based on what others in your peer group believe or do, you’ve experienced ...

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Gift Ideas for a Sobriety Anniversary

Content A Fun-Filled Getaway Eerste soberheidscadeau, 1 jaar sobere verjaardag, AA-jubileum, verslavingsherstel, afkickcadeau ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: Digital Print Sobriety Card, “AA Business Meeting” , 7″x5″ folded, You download it yourself! Why Are Sober Dates Important To Celebrate? Laatste: Bullet Sobriety Date Ketting Personalized Journal When someone passes one of these milestones it is common that they receive some sort of relic ...

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